rythm section2

Peter Constant (keyboard)

our keyboard player has this to say about the Rhythm section (not seen but very much heard). "John on bass is the best I've heard for a long time. He is a teacher full time, has a great sense of humour and also plays bass guitar when required. Denis,a jeweller by day, is hot stuff on drums. He can read music, unusual for percussion nowadays, and has some great solos. I'm the keyboard and the oldest member of the band. A now retired builder, I used to play classical but that's a pretty lonely occupation. We have a friendly battle with the front line, nothing serious; the band is sounding good at the moment and getting better all the time."

Denis Burrow (Drummer)

"I started playing in the early sixties in a local 5 piece pop band. After about three years, having trained with Frank King (drummer with the Oscar Rabin band) where I learned to read drum music, I moved on to dance music with trios and quartets!! Over the last forty years I have played almost every type of gig going. In the last ten years or so I’ve been playing with big bands, including my father’s (Bunny Burrow) the Gravesham dance band. Now with the quality of musicians we have in this band I’m able to use a lot of my experience and learning more all the time"

John Bogg (Bass)

"I made my ‘professional’ debut on Broadstairs bandstand at the age of six playing piano pieces. After my father had bought me a second-hand piano, there was no turning back and a range of recorders followed. At BETHS school in Bexley I joined the orchestra really wanting to play the trumpet, but the music teacher said I could have the only instrument left in the cupboard – an old, battered double bass which I studied with professionals from the Royal Phil. Dad bought the bass I use now in a junk shop in Croydon for £5 (the bow was £15!) and I performed with several youth orchestras and folk groups one of which, Tideway, still performs today. I went to Goldsmiths to study music gaining a Teachers’ Certificate and have had the privilege of teaching music for 36 years. I played with Dartford Symphony before leaving to gain a degree. I have been lucky enough to have conducted children’s performances in such places as Windsor and The Royal Albert Hall, and with the Temple School Steel Band in the Houses of Parliament and The Dome.

I am pleased to be playing with the Peninsula Big Band whose rhythm section is second to none and frankly the best bit of the whole band! Dennis and Peter are great fun and together we keep it going! It is good to be working with such friends who are a talented group of musicians."