Vida Young

I grew up in Orpington and was born into a musical family, with both my parents and their parents and siblings playing several instruments. My brothers and father all play professionally, appearing on TV Films and Programs. They play any instrument from keyboard/brass/woodwind and violin.

My father was a Music Teacher and started teaching us to read music from the age of 5. I started the recorder and then went on the trumpet and violin at 7 years old. I joined the Orpington Band not long after.

During my childhood, we all played out as a family, having several gigs, also playing on TV and entering competitions.

When I was older I played in my fathers German Band, Wartime Band and an all female 5 piece band, playing in pubs and clubs. I also played trumpet in a Rock Band called Straw Dogs, playing in pubs and clubs around London and I appeared on Top of the Pops in 1995, playing with The Pet Shop Boys lol.

The following year I started my own family and stopped playing for a while, but every time I saw live music or people talking about music, I had this pang and started playing again around 4 years ago. I re-joined Orpington Band where my father is the Conductor and tried to play most days, as well as holding down a full time job as a nurse. I love Big Band Music and 3 years ago I looked on the website and found The Peninsula Big Band. I listened the music and really wanted to give this a go. I contacted Bev and here I am.

I also now play in my brother-in-laws Trad Jazz Band when I’m not on shift and I’m gaining more confidence in all the different styles of playing.

I get a buzz out of playing and the atmosphere that goes with it and other peoples love of music too.