Michelle Gray

I began playing clarinet at the age of 10 in Surrey, where I grew up. I started playing in the local youth orchestra, and then joined the Surrey County Wind Orchestra. This gave me a huge appreciation of playing together with other musicians, and also meant I had to raise my game significantly! After university, and having moved to Kent, I played the clarinet less and less (and more and more guitar!). My instrument remained in the case for many years, only being brought out for carols at Christmas, until my friend’s daughter started playing clarinet. She joined the Gravesend Training Band, and when I heard them, it rekindled all the wonderful memories of playing in an orchestra. I joined the training band, then Gravesend Borough Band, and the rest is history. Although I am not a professional musician, I am extremely glad to say music is once again a part of my life, and I love playing all styles of music.