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We are a modern quartet playing various woodwind instruments in a variety of styles available for functions as "background musicians". We offer a wide range of wedding packages. Our music encompasses flute baroque pieces, modern saxophone jazz and clarinet pieces. We recently recorded some of our “favourites” which are available for you to listen to on request.
The “Four”


I have known two of my companions for some years. We have all come from different backgrounds; Jackie from the military, and both Margaret and Amanda have classical backgrounds, I met both Margaret and Amanda at the Gravesend Borough Band. Margaret played flute and alto sax but then “graduated” to the baritone. Last year we spent a day at a sax factory picking Margaret’s new Bari which she is immensely pleased with. She plays piano and does music arrangements for local theatre groups, as well as playing in a number of music groups. Jackie and I met at a dance band rehearsal about seven years ago. We immediately hit it off and found we had very similar musical tastes. Jackie played a key role with me in the formation of the Peninsula Big Band (PBB). Over the years Jackie has played in a number of bands including tribute groups. By far her favourite instrument is the tenor sax, but she plays a mean soprano too!! Her clarinet isn't bad either………


Amanda started playing the piano at the tender age of four, and then went on to play the organ. She started playing the flute at 16 and in just 18 months had passed grade 8; she achieved a BA Hons music degree, and in her spare time learnt the cello. Again in a thirst for learning she took up the clarinet and in just two years had passed her grade 8; she continues to work on a performers diploma. Sax is a very new instrument to Amanda but she has taken to it like a duck to water, and on past performance she will very soon have mastered alto, tenor, and soprano!!


As for me, I just love playing-flute, sax or clarinet. I learnt my trade at the ILEA music centre with the London Schools Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band, We travelled abroad to play after week-long intensive practice sessions. I was privileged to play under the direction of a young Simon Rattle. Latterly I joined local bands and orchestras and set up the PBB a few years ago. ………..As a group the Quartet has hit it off musically, which I am sure you will appreciate once you listen to us………..We are “Mainly Sax”


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Mainly Sax Wedding Packages


Silver Package £250

Arrival of bridal party and bride, register signing. Exit of bridal party.


Gold package £500

Silver package plus music at reception venue up to wedding breakfast (approx hour and a half)


Platinum package £750

Gold package plus music during meal (approx hour and a half) Deposit of £100 non-refundable


Please discuss your individual requirements as we can be flexible. We are happy to look at special music requests as we can arrange these for the quartet, each request will have to be dealt with individually and a fee to arrange will be made. Recent requests have been Kenny G's Wedding Song and Forever in Love-you can hear these on the music player above.