Instrumental lessons are now available remotely please contact me for more information


Learning to Play

No one is ever too old to learn an instrument, the pleasure that can be gained from playing your kind of music is wonderfully fulfilling but finding the right teacher for you is crucial. On my website there are contact details for a number of teachers in North East Kent, all of which I know personally and indeed many of which I perform with. If you are interested in starting to play an instrument or are looking for a tutor for someone please take the time to have a look at the tutors on the site.

Instruments covered are flute, clarinet, saxes, trumpet, cornet, and guitars, plus theory either on a one to one basis or in group sessions. Grade 5 theory is needed for any practical exams above grade 5, but also really helps with all aspects of your music journey. If you would like to enquire about lessons, please contact me.



Whilst exams are not for everyone they have their place. The process of doing exams can be scary for any age group but this feeling is entirely forgotten when results come in. Whilst at school its an easy process and fits in to the learning process, for adults its a different challenge but means all the more when the results come in. I use the ABRSM which has a worldwide standard, and I have always found it to have good structure for whatever style you end up playing. Exams start very easy at grade 1 and finish at grade 8 then diploma. Just to give an insight the whole of the grade 1 exam takes 11 mins that includes walking in and out of the room!! So not too long but obviously the more advanced they get the longer they are.


Exam Results

Autumn 2014 15 entered 11 merits 1 distinction 3 passes (100%)
Spring 2015   22 entered 7 passes 10 merits 5 distinctions (100%)
Summer 2015 21 entered 12 passes, 8 merits, 1 distinctions (100%)


Instrument hire

I have a wide range of instruments available for hire smaller instruments are £3.50 weekly and bigger instruments £6.00 per week. Please contact me for more information.


Music Theory

During term time we run small groups to get pupils through their Grade 5 theory and to get a basic understanding of and grounding in music. This not only helps their playing but also helps anyone wanting to take GCSE music. Please contact me for more information.



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