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Richard Milford

Brass Teacher

I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old, and at 9, influenced by my father, who had been a euphonium player before the war and was now rekindling his interest, I joined my local brass band and started to learn the cornet.

Brass very quickly became the love of my (musical) life. I remained involved in brass bands for more than 20 years, as both player and musical director, taking part in summer concerts all over south-east England, and enjoying many successes in local and national contests, as well as a number of concert tours to France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Eventually the combined demands of career and a young family led to a dry period in my music making, but now, several years on, I’m playing again, and working as a peripatetic brass/woodwind instrumental teacher, visiting over a dozen primary schools each week, trying to encourage and inspire the next generation of musicians!